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Subscriber FAQ

What's a Subscription Box?

  • • A subscription box works just like a subscription to any thing else. Sign up, enter your payment details and we'll automatically renew your subscription each month as well as send you a new Honey Crate.
  • • If you choose a multiple month plan, you are billed for the full duration of that plan and will automatically be renewed for the same duration after that period.
  • • Renewals happen on the 2nd of the month. Changes made to your order after the 2nd will apply to your next billing cycle.

What's in a Honey Crate?

  • • We always feature a small-batch raw honey from beekeepers and apiaries around the country. To compliment the honey, we also include a handful of other items including but not limited to - beeswax goods, handmade candies/edibles, soaps & beauty products, bee-themed home goods, etc. If it uses bee ingredients or just relates to bees, it might be in your Honey Crate.
  • • We include information on how to find the vendors for your favorite items so you can continue to support great people doing great things for bees.
  • • Part of the fun is in the surprise! Which is why the products in each month's honey crate will only be announced on our website after the packages have all been shipped.

When will I get my first Honey Crate?

  • • Honey Crates ship between the 19th and 21st of every month and arrive up to 5 business days later via USPS.
  • • Orders made on or before the 18th of the month ship out that month. Orders made on the 19th or after ship out the following month.
  • • Occasionally demand exceeds our expectations and we have a SOLD OUT month. When this happens, all new orders will automatically be applied to the next month and we will post notifications on the product pages.
  • • Need to change or cancel your order? Let us know and we'll do everything to accommodate your request, however once your order ships, all sales are final. We will then apply your request to the following subscription term.

What are your shipping terms?

  • • We charge a flat rate of $6.95 per month per Honey Crate; $5.65 per month per My Honey Mini. 
  • • The subscriber is responsible for providing correct shipping information. Once a crate has shipped, we will not be responsible for return shipping or re-shipping if the crate went to the wrong address. We will provide an opportunity for the subscriber to cover these additional costs to receive their crate. Please double check your information so you can enjoy your crate!

Where do you ship to?

  • • Currently we only ship to the United States.

How do Cancellations, Refunds & Exchanges work?

  • • You are free to cancel at anytime, but please note that a cancellation will not affect any Honey Crates you've already paid for. Instead, your subscription will be cancelled on your next billing cycle.
  • • In some cases we are able to issue refunds. For example, if you purchased the wrong subscription plan and would like to move to another or if you have a change of heart within 24 hours of subscribing or 48 hours of renewing. You must email us at hello@myhoneycrate.com within the grace period to claim your refund. Simply cancelling your subscription during the grace period will not initiate a refund due to the nature of cancellations(see the first bullet point of this section).
  • • We cannot issue any refunds on crates already shipped or multiple month plans already partially fulfilled. No exceptions.
  • • We are happy to exchange any Honey Crates that arrive defective or damaged if notified within 3 days of delivery, based on the USPS tracking information for your crate. Contact us at hello@myhoneycrate.com and we'll do our best to resolve any issues.
  • • If you're missing an item in your Honey Crate, please notify us within 7 days of delivery. Beyond that, we cannot guarantee your missing item will be in stock.


Influencers & Partners FAQ

Can I become an Influencer or Brand Ambassador for My Honey Crate?

  • • If you have lots of followers through your blog or social media channels and your niche lines up with My Honey Crate, we'd love to talk. Fill out our Affiliate Form and we'll be in touch. myhoneycrate.com/affiliate

I sell a product that should be in the Honey Crate. How can I get featured??

  • • We're always on the hunt for awesome new partners with quality honey bee products. Fill out our Partner Form and we'll be in touch! myhoneycrate.com/partner
  • • Please note that samples must be provided and shipped to us to be considered.

My product is too big for the Honey Crate. What else can I do?

  • • That's ok! If your product is still a good match for the Honey Crate, you may be able to submit an insert/flyer. A fee applies and all flyers must be reviewed. Drop us a line at hello@myhoneycrate.com.

How can I advertise my products to the Honey Crate audience?

  • • We've cultivated a passionate following through our website, blog, and social media channels. Our followers are highly targeted and include foodies, environmentalists, beekeepers, naturalists, and more. Past vendors have found extra value in some of our Premium promotions, including product giveaways, custom product videos and reviews by our affiliates. If interested, contact us at hello@myhoneycrate.com.

Still have questions?

Email us at hello@myhoneycrate.com