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Client & Employee Gifts

Want to cause a BUZZ? We can send Honey Crates to your entire mailing list or create custom gift crates tailored to your budget. Leverage our relationships with beekeepers across the country to get amazing local, handcrafted products, ranging from the finest raw honey and beeswax to honey snacks and everything in between. Honey Crates will not only show your appreciation, but also your commitment to environmental issues.

Need Event Gifts/Favors?

Are you planning an event with tens to hundreds of people and need a special gift or favor for your guests? Give them our standard Honey Crate, or customize a special crate, themed for your event or with your branding. We can curate a special collection of items from across the country or local to your event. A Honey Crate is the easiest and most memorable way to give your guests and attendees a taste of the local flavor.

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